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Shallowbrooke Farm has been marketing its products via the CSA model for many years. Community Supported Agriculture or CSA’s have become a very popular way for consumers to buy fresh local produce directly from the farm.  Shallowbrooke Farm CSA could best be described as a subscription service for fresh healthy food.  Subscribers will receive a box of seasonal fruits and vegetables each week throughout the growing season.  The program is broken down into two independent seasons.  The Summer Season is 20 weeks long and runs from May through October.  The Fall Season runs for 9 weeks From October through December.

Shallowbrooke Farm CSA could best be described as a subcription service for fresh healthy food

Share Sizes

Shallowbrooke Farm offers three levels of participation.  Full, Half, and Single shares.  These three share sizes can accommodate most family sizes.  The size your family may need will depend on your cooking and lifestyles.  In general, a Full Share is designed to feed a family of 4-5. The Half Share is designed for a couple and finally, the Single Share is designed for a person who lives alone. The share is the base component of our program, the fruit and vegetable portion.

Options Options….


Once you have chosen your subscription level, you can then choose various options to add to your share of fresh local produce.  Each option has different delivery schedules.  These schedules can be set to weekly, biweekly, monthly, and single delivery.

The following options are available to you as a subscriber.  We are always looking for new and exciting products to add to this list.

Shallowbrooke Farm looks forward to serving you and your family this summer


Fresh Eggs

Artisan Cheese

Various Meat Packages


Artisan Bread

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