Our Farm, Your Table: Delivering Fresh Produce to Your Home in Northern VA and Washington DC

Frequently Asked Questions


What does "CSA" stand for?
Community Supported Agriculture
Is Shallowbrooke Farm organic?
The quick answer is no. Shallowbrooke Farm is not certified organic. With this being said we do make every effort to keep spray materials used to a minimum. It is possible that during the early spring or fall, when the weather is cooler, very little if any of our produce will have anything added other than clean water. The term organic has evolved a great deal over the years and there are lots of things to consider before becoming certified. It does not currently fit into our business. It is important for you to identify what is important to you about “organic” produce. Lots of folks think it means no spray, and this is simply not true. We feel that a personal relationship with your farmer is far more productive than any third party certification could ever be. It is important whether your produce is organic or not, to wash your produce before being consumed.
Where can I pick-up my membership box?
Please see our detailed list of delivery options. We have deliveries all over the Northern Shenandoah Valley, NOVA, Rockville MD, Silver Spring MD, and Washington DC.
What is a Full Share?
Full Share membership is designed for a family of 3-4 who enjoy eating at home. This share could feed more if the family eats out often. This share is packed in a ¾ bushel box. This is our most robust share.
What is a Half Share?
The half share option is designed to for a couple. This share could feed more if you eat out a lot, or less if you stay at home and cook often. This Share is packed in a half bushel box, appox half of a full share.
What is a Single Share?
A single share is designed for a person who lives alone, or a couple who dine out a lot. It is also packed in a half bushel box, approximately half of a half share.
Who should not join a CSA?
Over the years we have been able to identify folks that should not join a CSA, if you fall into these categories our services are most likely not for you. If you leave for vacation for many weeks, we don’t credit for missed shares. People who don’t like to cook or eat at home. People who don’t like vegetables or like trying new foods. People who have to know on Sunday exactly what every menu item will be for the week.
Do you give refunds?
We do not offer refunds. Please see our shareholder agreement.
Can I upgrade my Share?
Yes, you can upgrade your share size at any time. We do not offer downgrades.
Can I change delivery sites once I register?
Yes, you may change delivery sites any time during season, simply login to your account and select the site you would like to switch to. Please keep in mind that several of our drop sites are closed to the public.
Do you ever need a new delivery site?
Yes, we are always looking for new delivery sites. If you are interested in offering your home, church, or place of business as a potential delivery site please contact us to discuss this possibility.
What happens if my share is not available at the pick-up site when I arrive?
Missing boxes do happen occasionally, for a variety of reasons. If you arrive at your site one day to find that all the boxes are gone, first ask yourself if you are picking up during the correct time frame, and on the right day. When you are sure that your box is truly missing, please contact us as soon as possible and we will make every effort keep you satisfied.
What if deliveries have begun, can I still join?
You may register to join Shallowbrooke Farm CSA at any time during season. We pro-rate costs weekly after first delivery. You may not join one week at a time; registrations are for the remainder of the season.
How do I sign up?
Please click on the Join our CSA button for the sign-up process
Can I pay by credit card or E-check?
Yes, we accept online credit card payments using Visa, Mastercard, or Discover and we will also accept E-check payments in the near future. Installment plans are available in 2 or 3 payments depending on share size.
Can I pay you with my credit card over the phone?
Yes, we are able to take credit card payments over the phone. However, it is more secure for you to join through our website and enter your credit card information yourself. On phone call to farm office, we will enter the credit card information for you.
Can I visit the farm at any time?
No, we farmers are very busy and need to focus on our many daily responsibilities. We are not able to take time out on any given day to greet/meet our members. We want to make sure we are farming and doing everything to help the produce grow well.
Do you offer a gift certificate option?
Yes, we do. CSA memberships are an excellent choice for anniversary, wedding, Christmas gift, etc. Please contact us by phone or e-mail if you are interested
Can members share a box?
Yes, you can share a membership. We advise you to only split full shares. Although we have had customers split half and single shares, a full share offers the best chance of always making equitable divisions. We ask that the membership be listed under one name only. That membership name will be listed on the check-off sheet at your site. For our records, please provide us with contact information (name, address, phone & email) for all parties involved. We do ask that sharing members do not split their box at the delivery site. Please take your box home and do the splitting there.
What do I do about vacation time?
With so many members, Shallowbrook is unable to keep track of everyone's vacation times. But we can offer suggestions: Try to have a neighbor/friend/family/co-worker pick up for you. This can either be a freebie to them or work something out between each other. If you cannot find anyone to pick up your share, let us or your site host know and we can have your share box donated.
Can we choose which veggies are in the boxes?
No. We offer a variety of fresh produce in season. Every box is packed with the same selection of produce, according to what is being harvested that week. There may be some differences in shares from location to location, as we don’t always have enough to make every box identical.
What would I do with vegetables that I don't use enough of or like?
Many of our members have been pleasantly surprised to try our recipes with new vegetables, which they previously had never considered. If there are still some vegetables that you don't like, you can share them with family/friends/co-workers. If there are too many vegetable dislikes on the harvest chart, Shallowbrooke Farm may not be for you. We cannot custom pack boxes per individual tastes.
Do we still need to wash the vegetables we receive from Shallowbrook Farm?
Yes. although, all vegetables have been washed and sorted in the packing house, it is still a good idea to wash at home. Some of the root crops, such as beets/carrots, may need extra rinsing, although all are pre-washed.