Our Farm, Your Table: Delivering Fresh Produce to Your Home in Northern VA and Washington DC



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Thousands of Miles Fresher


Welcome to Shallowbrooke Farm.  We are located in the beautiful countryside of Clarke County Virginia, just a short drive from Northern Virginia and the Washington DC metro areas.  We grow fruit, vegetables, herbs, and cut flowers for our local farmers market and our CSA.  Our CSA delivers all over Northern Virginia and into our nation’s capitol.  We have been cultivating fresh, healthy, and tasty produce for over a decade.

We first began farming back in 1998, my how things have changed.  Niche agriculture has moved to the forefront of our operation.  Our goal is to deliver to you the best products that we can produce, and save you the time and energy required to navigate the streets of our busy metropolitan area.  We are bringing the Farmers Market to you.   Additionally, feel free to come visit us at the Clarke County Farmers Market in Berryville, VA.

Farming is our passion; it feeds our bodies and our soul.  We are committed to building the fertility of our soils and the health of our farm and surrounding woodlands.  One might say “straight from the horse’s mouth,”   it’s really quite simple Our Farm, Your Table.  Your food will no longer need to travel thousands of miles to get to you, it will retain its natural nutrition and flavor.   It won’t be sitting on store shelves for anyone with a super saver card to handle. The buck stops here, per se.

We would like to become your farmer!   Most of us have a mechanic, doctor, or attorney that we call ours.  Why should the person who produces your food not be equally or even more important?